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Omona_Watch's Best of 2011 Awards -- The Results!

Thank you all for voting! Here are the results!

Favorite Overall Drama:
City Hunter

Runners Up: Secret Garden, Dream High, The Princess' Man

Favorite Action Drama:
City Hunter

Favorite Romantic Comedy:
Protect the Boss

Runner Up: The Greatest Love

Favorite Melodramatic Drama:
Scent of a Woman

Runners Up: 49 Days, The Princess' Man

Favorite Sageuk Drama:
The Princess' Man

Runner Up: Tree With Deep Roots

Favorite Sitcom:
High Kick 3: Counterattack Of The Short Legs

Favorite Actor:
Lee Min Ho

Runner Up: Cha Seung Won

Favorite Actress:
Park Min Young

Runner Up: Gong Hyo Jin

Least Favorite Actor:
Go Young Wook

Least Favorite Actress:
Goo Hye Sun

Runner Up: Han Ye Seul

Actor/Actress That Surprised You:
Song Joong Ki

Runners Up: Kim Jaejoong, IU

Actor/Actress that Disappointed You:
Goo Hye Sun

Runner Up: Yoon Eun Hye

Best Idol Turned Actor:

Runner Up: TOP

Character that You Loved to Hate (Best Villain):
Lee Jin Pyo (actor Kim Sang Joong in City Hunter)

Second Lead that Should Have Gotten the Girl:
Kang Hyuk (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

I swear this was the only picture I could find..../cough

Best OST:
Secret Garden

Best Variety Show:
Running Man

Best K-Movie:

Drama You're Most Anticipating in 2012:
The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Runner Up: Dream High 2

So that's what you guys voted on! Agree or disagree? Think something was left out? Discuss in the comments!
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