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Omona_Watch's Best of 2012 Awards -- Nominate!

Hey guys! Just like last year, we've put together a poll (it will be two parts) for us to pick our favorites of 2012! In this first poll, just nominate your choice for each category. Part two will be voting on the nominees and will be posted next Wednesday, December 26th.

Poll #1886056 omona_watch Best of 2012

Best Overall Drama

Best Action Drama

Best Romantic Comedy

Best Melodramatic Drama

Best Sageuk Drama

Best Sitcom

Best Actor

Best Actress

Least Favorite Actor

Least Favorite Actress

Actor/Actress That Surprised You? (can enter two names)

Actor/Actress that Disappointed You? (can enter two names)

Best Idol Turned Actor

Character that You Loved to Hate (Best Villain)

Second Lead that Should Have Gotten the Girl?

Poll #1886057 omona_watch Best of 2012, pt. 2

Most Disappointing Drama

Best OST

Best Variety Show (can be a weekly show or a special)

Best Movie

Drama You're Most Anticipating in 2013?

Some Gong Yoo to thank you for nominating! ♥
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