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Dad, Where Are You Going?

Introducing: Dad, where are you going? the cutest variety show ever :-)
There are 9 episodes so far, 4 of which are subbed. This has probably been posted somewhere (maybe on omona), but I can't bother to check so here :) Treat it as a discussion post if you want!

The Cast
Yoon Hoo (Father: Yoon Min-soo - Singer)
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The familiar second (or is he?) lead who endlessly chases after the girl, of course she has strong competition from his first love: food. (Also has one of the cutest relationships with his dad.)

Sung Jun (Father: Sung Dong-il - Actor)
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The cold city man (sort of) and future heartbreaker.

Lee Junsu (Father: Lee Jong Hyuk - Actor)
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The comedic relief. He can also be quite the philosopher at times. He also has the cutest laugh ever. (He reminds me of HaHa for some reason. Also has a really cute relationship with his dad.)

Kim Min Gook (Father: Kim Sung Joo - Announcer/MC)
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His life is a melodrama, and he's in a constant struggle against his bad luck. Forced to sleep in the worst house the first episode, how will he cope? Will Hoo save the day? What food will he dramatically eat next?

Song Jia (Father: Song Jong-kook - Soccer Player)

The popular girl who just wants to look at the poor puppies ;-; (...and the chicks).

The Show
(I figured I should add this in....)
The show is basically about a cast of celebrity dads and their children that go on 1 night 2 days trips. They stay in different homes (similar to family outing), scavenge for food and just generally have a good time. The kids are the draw (of course), plus the sometimes strange cooking methods used can be entertaining as well.

[the loveline]The Loveline: Jia x Hoo
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Where to Watch
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

(If you've seen it) Who's your favorite kid?


Min Gook

I hope the poll works :) All gifs are from yoonhooxjia, with the exceptions of Min Gook and the one below, which are both from shiareagy.
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