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Omona Watch!

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Rules for Posting:
1. Please keep it to K-entertainment such as: variety shows, movies, dramas, or actors/actresses.
2. Provide a source for all articles and videos you post, outside of any lj-cuts your post may contain.
3. Please put any images or videos wider than 550px underneath a lj-cut. If post is long or includes many pictures or videos, please add a lj-cut.
4. Please tag your posts appropriately! [Don't worry if a tag is unavailable - the mods will add them as posts come in]
5. Please do not hotlink any images! ImageShack or LJ Scrapbook are great image hosts.
6. DO NOT POST VIDEOS W/O PERMISSION! Many subbing teams do not allow crossposting of their videos without permission, so please ask before you share! Also make sure to follow the subbing teams' credit guidelines as well.
7. When posting a movie that has some "adult" situations, please include a warning.
8. Please avoid using videos that block certain regions or are slower to load outside of SK (such as daum player). We have members from all over the world, so we want everyone to be able to watch!
7. If your post is rejected, we will provide a reason! If you disagree, you can contact one of the mods.

Community Rules
1. Don't be a douche. No personal attacks or unnecessary drama.
2. Membership is moderated. To qualify, you must:
a. Have a journal older than four months.
b. Have mutual friends and be a member of other communities.

Follow us on twitter! @omona_watch

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